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API Documentation and API Parameters

You can interface an application, website or system with our messaging gateway by using our very flexible HTTP API connection. Once you're connected, you'll be able to deliver messages or check your balance

Connect to send single or multiple sms messages through the following api url:



Text Message,2348020000000

Example Responses:

Success Response: {"status":"OK","count":1,"price":2}

Failed Response: {"error":"Login denied.","errno":"103"}

Other optional Parameters

1. contacts = The list of contact ids to send the message
2. groups = The list of group ids to send the message
3. numbers = The list of number ids to send the message
4. type = The type (text, call, tts ) of the message
5. message = message text or audio reference number

Call Message(VoiceSMS/Robocall?Text-To-Speech)

Fetching Data

MySMSTab API for SPC Users

API response on Success: Ok
API Response confirmation: Contains
Account balance API:
Push to API as:*: Bulk

Other Parameters

1. login = Perform account login to validate a user
2. profile = The customer profile of the account
3. balance = The current balance on the account
4. contacts = The type (text, call, tts ) of the message
5. numbers = The saved numbers on the account
6. groups = The groups on the account
7. audios = The saved audios on the account
8. history = The message history on the account
9. scheduled = The scheduled messages on the account
10. reports = The delivery reports on the account
11. payments = The payment history on the account

Error Codes:

000 = Request successful
100 = Incomplete request parameters
101 = Request denied
110 = Login status failed
111 = Login status denied
120 = Message limit reached
121 = Mobile limit reached
122 = Sender limit reached
130 = Sender prohibited
131 = Message prohibited
140 = Invalid price setup
141 = Invalid route setup
142 = Invalid schedule date
150 = Insufficient funds
151 = Gateway denied access
152 = Service denied access
160 = File upload error
161 = File upload limit
162 = File restricted
190 = Maintenance in progress
191 = Internal error

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